Woodcutter Simulator 2011, PC

Platform: PC
Genre: Simulatie
EAN: 4020636114908
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Releasedatum: 17-02-2012
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The smell of fresh tree gum, the sound of heavy machinery and hard work for real men awaits the player in the Woodcutter Simulator 2011: Multiplayer Edition. The player is in charge of his own wood-manufacturing facility deep in the woods. To get his jobs done, the player must do the work of a real man and handle all aspects of the forest industry from felling trees to timber sawing.The player has to handle the real big machinery. He takes control of different huge vehicles such as the Harvester, which cuts and debranches every tree within a few seconds. Afterwards the dragger pulls the trees out of the woods into the sawmill where the forest giants are reduced to small pieces of timber. When the sawmill has finished its work, the player loads the logs onto a truck using the heavy crane.A lot of work is to be done in the forest. The Woodcutter Simulator 2011 challenges the player through various tasks which must be solved within a fixed amount of time.Once all tasks in a mission are finished, the player can access the map any time to be a 'lumberjack' as he desires in the 'freegame' mode.


  • Multiplayer: Play via LAN or internet.

  • New vehicle: The harvester.

  • Improved 3D-Landscape.

  • Weather effects.

  • Day/Night shift.

  • Tutorial-Levels.


ean 4020636114908
Platform PC
Genre Simulatie
Leeftijd 3+
Merk UIG Entertainment
Releasedatum 17-02-2012

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